Air Travel Tips – What To Wear When Flying?

These air travel tips are aimed to help you to decide what to wear when flying. It may seem like an easy decision but it’s not that straightforward as you will face few challenges during your journey. The airports tend to be too hot or too cold, as do airplanes, their air is dry, the high altitude can get to you, swollen feet can make you uncomfortable, etc.

Travel comfort and safety is important when deciding what to wear when flying. The best travel clothes are both comfortable and practical.

Wearing layers are the most comfortable and practical travel clothing you can get. You can then take clothes off if you get too hot and put them back on if you get too cold. This is important as the temperature in airplanes can vary considerably during a flight. Airport terminals can also be warmer or cooler so wearing layers makes perfect sense.

It makes good sense these days to , i.e. with airport security in mind. Dressing for airport screening security will save you both time and hassle. Imagine how much quicker it would take to get through the airport security screening if everyone dressed with security in mind.

Avoid things that can get you stopped at the airport screening metal detectors, like metal belt buckles, loose change, jewelry, etc. Air travel tips recommend leaving all you can in your hand luggage until you have arrived at your destination or at least cleared through airport security.

You should always when travelling, i.e. so you don’t end up barefoot at the airport screening checkpoint. For the same reason you want to wear clean and whole socks, saving you embarrassment if you have to take your shoes off at the airport screening.

shoes or are preferred type of shoes if you are dressing for travel comfort and safety. They are also the most practical choice for going through airport screening checkpoints as you might have to take your shoes off.

during flights so wearing comfortable pair of shoes that have the capability to expand, like sneakers, sandals or moccasins, makes good sense.

If you like to take your shoes off during flights, then tight shoes are very difficult to get back on at the end of the flight. You might also want to have with you a to put on as the aircraft floor can get cold during the flight.

On long haul flights deep vein thrombosis (DVT) socks or , should be considered. Flight socks help stimulate the blood circulation and can therefore reduce the risk of DVT.

Travel comfort is one thing when deciding what to wear when flying but even more important is travel safety. Air travel is relatively safe way of travelling but air travel tips still recommend dressing with the worst case scenario in mind.

The best travel clothes are made of . Clothes made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, denim, and leather offer the best protection in the unlikely event of fire or an airplane evacuation. Synthetics like nylon, polyester and rayon can melt when heated.

Air travel tips therefore advices women or panty hoses when flying. Women that must fly in business attire should wear socks and low heels during the flight and change into heels and nylons in the rest room at their destination airport.

Low heel shoes are the safest option when flying. High heel shoes would have to be removed if you have to leave the airplane through an escape slide. This would not only slow you down, it could also increase your risk of injuries, e.g. from broken glass or debris. Even though sandals are very comfortable when flying, they could also put you at risk if they are open or can easily fall off your feet.

Finally good air travel tips recommend wearing long pants and long sleeves when flying. It’s not only more comfortable and warmer… it’s also safer in the unlikely event of any emergency.

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