A quick guide for lesbians in North America Travel

Are you and your partner are looking for a travel guide lesbians to help you in the right direction, the best in the travel hotspots in North America to find for couples lesbians? This quick guide will help you lesbians are a few tips to get you started in a narrowing of the holiday that you and your partner?


New York City – Bright Lights, fast-paced, friendly and lesbian
New York City is not only one of the top vacation spots in North America, but it is always incredibly gay and lesbian friendly synonyms. There are many good things for tourists to New York to participate, to catch a show on Broadway shopping to find the best deal for a harbor cruise to the Statue of Liberty to visit! New York is a destination that always appears in every travel guide lesbians – with its gay-friendly neighborhoods, clubs and restaurants, you are sure you have a wonderful holiday in New York, Portland, Oregon – Green and relaxed
Portland , is located on the west coast of the United States for its green is known, towering snowcapped peaks of the dormant volcano, and friendly attitude to all its inhabitants to gay and lesbians couples. Consider for a great vacation in Portland, where you can hit the slopes in winter, hiking in summer or even see where your favorite movie vampire teenagers were shot! With an environmental or green, entertainment, Portland is a city that is clean and dynamic fun!

visit California Dreaming Continue along the west coast is California – the home of many of the gay and lesbian friendly cities! No travel guide lesbians would be complete without suggesting a trip to San Francisco! For the love with its rich history of equality for all families who want such, and its breathtaking scenery, San Francisco is the place to visit

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