Bahamas Cruise

If you want to treat your loved ones with an invigorating holiday on waters, a cruise trip is a definite must in your travel itinerary. Located to the east of the United States, Bahamas is a popular travel destination to many holiday makers. The sandy beaches and sparkling waters beckon travelers from all over the world. The main attractions in Bahamas include parasailing over island CocoCay, swimming with dolphins, exploring the under-sea life at Predator Lagoon and experiencing the adrenalin rush of the Thriller powerboats. Regardless, what travel plans you have, a Bahamas cruise is an ideal way to explore the deep Pacific waters surrounding the pristine islands. Typical duration of a Bahamas cruise is three-night, seven-night or nine-night. Depending on the service provider, the available packages and prices may vary. Some of the most popular Bahamas cruise booking services are provided by CruiseDirect, Travelocity and Royal Caribbean Intentional.

There are lots of cruise liners operational in the US. Some of them are luxury rated while others are economical yet offer classy services to travelers. Some of the luxury cruise lines are, Azamara Club Cruise, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas. Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line and Celebrity X Cruises are some of the more economical cruise lines.

For the year 2011, Bahamas cruise itinerary from CruiseDirect looks very inviting. Eighteen luxurious cruises depart from various ports of the United states, heading for Bahamas. A 3 night Bahamas cruise, courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines leaves from Miami from February through April. Price bands for these cruises are: inside around 300 USD, outside around 309USD and balcony around 450USD. Suites cost around 580 USD to 650 USD. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) hosts two types of Bahamas cruise packages, a 3 night cruise and a 4 night cruise. Similar to Carnival Cruise lines, NCL Bahamas cruise schedules fall around the months of February through April. Bookings on NCL is more expensive than that of Carnival. In the 4 night Bahamas cruise, inside package costs around 250 USD to 529USD while outside package costs 269USD to 450USD. Suites on NCL are in the price range of 1100USD onwards.

Bahamas cruise packages offered by Royal Caribbean International are quite diverse. They offer 3 night, 4 night and 9 night packages. The 3 night Bahamas cruise and the 4 night cruise depart from Miami, Florida, Port Canaveral, Florida respectively. The 9 night cruise sail from Baltimore, Maryland. Costs per night is greater for the 9 night Bahamas cruise package than 3 night and 4 night cruises.

Advance bookings are always encouraged to prevent late disappointments. All cruise lines give away attractive discount rates and other special offers to their customers, like on board tournaments, concerts and theme cruisers.

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