Witches Rock Canopy Tour : Great Adventure for Adventure Lovers

Regularly, millions of travelers worlwide traditionally return to vacations spots they have visited before because people often stay in their comfort zone. However, there are individuals who want to have a taste of adventure that brings them to exotic locations. The best location for such people then is located in Guancaste, Costa Rica – Witches Rock Canopy tour. It’s an exciting adventure tour that lands you to the tropical dry forest yet eco friendly country in the Caribbean. Well, don’t be misled by the name of the place, there aren’t any witches – just pure adrenaline rush from ziplines.

For beginners, Witches Rock Canopy Tour is not your run-of –the mill tour that involves taking pictures of lovely scenery and walking from one sight to another. It is a physically challenging tour that has awesome backdrop of waterfall, ocean, picture pretty sunsets plus rich biodeversity. While the location is actually a tropical dry forest , the sights are worthwhile since this country is one of the greenest country on this planet. However, there are some important points to consider before going to Witches rock canopy tour.

Basically, wear comfortable clothing since temperatures of the tropical dry forest of Witches Rock canopy tour can be quite high. It is also advisable to bring insect repellant since it’s a tropical forest with bugs and other insects. Women should avoid wearing flip flops or slippers that may fall off during the zipline activity. It would be practical for women to wear shorts or trousers. Kids must be at least 8 years old and some tours require a height of no less than 5 feet.

Witches Rock canopy tour is safe as cables are made from high-grade steel so one can conveniently tackle the numerous zip lines. The tour includes 24 platforms, 11 cables, 3 suspension bridges and 3 climbing threes. In case a participant feels that he has experienced too much, there are 5 exit routes that ends the tour immediately. However, it only takes one and a half tour to finish the whole tour. The tour organizers needs you to sign a waiver and ask you about your health condition. In case you satisfy basic requirements, then the next step is a safety orientation so you can learn more. In no time, you’ll be zipping and crossing the rainforest canopy effortlessly.

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