How To Find Cheap Beach Vacations – Cheap Florida Beach Vacation

Are you looking for cheap beach vacations?

How about a cheap Florida beach vacation?

I think I can help you find a cheap Florida beach vacation and make it be one of the best family beach vacations ever!

First, when searching for cheap beach vacations, you need to also find a desirable beach vacation location and this isn’t always easy when you haven’t been there before.  But no worries because this is exactly what I’m going to help you with.  I’m going to tell you all about my best family beach vacations and I think you just might agree with me.

Additionally, I have lots of beach vacation photos on my web site and I even have an entire page filled with all kinds of money-saving tips, ideas and hotel coupons and attraction coupons too!

So if you like what you are reading here, you will want to check out my web site so you can turn your family beach vacations into cheap beach vacations too!  Like why not? Right!

Are you with me so far?  Good!  Let’s keep going then!

Keep reading then and I’ll tell you about my favorite beach in Florida, specifically South Florida.  It’s Delray Beach Florida!  And I’m here to tell the world how much I love Delray Beach Florida and that I think it’s one of the best places to vacation in Florida.

Award-Winning Beaches in Delray Beach Florida!

I’m going to tell you about the beaches in Delray Beach Florida because they are actually award-winning beaches and they are worth bragging about for a minute, so if you’ll please let me…

You will find two miles of award-winning, pristine-clean and sparkling, white sandy beaches in Delray Beach Florida.  And this isn’t just my opinion.  This is the opinion of the Travel Holiday magazine who voted Delray Beach beaches as the top public beaches in the southeastern United States for swimming and one of the top 35 beaches in the entire country!

Of special note is that in 2002, The City of Delray Beach received recognition from the “American Coastal Coalition” for Delray’s accomplishment in restoring their pristine white sandy beaches.

And, Delray Beach is the #2 best sandcastle building beach according to Fodor’s Travel.

And hold on, because there’s more…

Delray Beach Florida has been rated #2 in South Florida for the best family beach and the best sand castle building beach too!  To be considered in the rating of best family beach the beaches had to have picnic areas, showers, lifeguards and sand suitable for building great sandcastles.

So you see, it’s not just my opinion that Delray Beach Florida is rated one of the best family beach vacations in Florida!

It’s really, really true!

OK, so now that you know about the best beaches in Florida (thank you for letting me brag for a minute!).  I’ll now give you an idea of all the other things there are to do in South Florida.  I will have to elaborate on this in a series of articles because there is just entirely  too much to put in one article. But this will give you a good idea of the variety of things and then if you are interested you can read one of my other articles that is specific to that particular activity or attraction.  You can find my other articles in my author’s resource box.  All the articles I write are about beach fun and beach vacations in Florida.

If you’re interested in the history of Delray Beach you’ll want to read my article I wrote specifically on the history of Delray Beach and the article dedicated to historical Atlantic Avenue.  These articles elaborate on the rich history of Delray Beach Florida and Delray’s historically famous Atlantic Avenue lined with art galleries, boutique shopping, sophisticated fine dining restaurants, romantic restaurants with picturesque sidewalk dining and quaint bistro restaurants, horse carriage rides, historical trolley tours and historical bike tours, and all the museums there are in Delray Beach Florida.

I have another article specifically on Delray Beach and all the awards this charming beach town has won.  I won’t duplicate that information here, but I suggest you read that too if you want to know more about this beach town that I  love so much, Delray Beach Florida!

I have another article on Palm Beach County celebrating its 100th anniversary!  Look for this article because it will lead you to all the celebrations that are going on in Palm Beach County for the year 2009.  There are many, many Florida hotel coupons and hotel specials going on with the celebration of the Palm Beach County centennial year!

I will soon be doing an article on all the water sports and water activities there are available in Delray too.  So if you’re into the fishing, boating, kite boarding, kite surfing, boogie boards, kayaking in Florida or whatever your sport of passion is – you will want to look forward for this article!

Meanwhile, I hope I have been of help in your search on how to find cheap beach vacations and the best family beach vacations in Florida!

Come and explore this charming beach town and see why everyone loves Delray Beach Florida! From the beach-perfect Florida weather in November and all year long, to rich culture and the romantic restaurants, Delray Beach Florida has something for everyone!

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