Journey to Africa – 3 Important Travel

25 Journey to Africa   3 Important TravelAfrica is more than just an exotic destination. It is a world unto itself and one of the unique travel experiences and more special than you will ever have. The continent has so much to offer and with the rich and diverse natural beauty, you are bound to end in some rural areas that are not always sure, you can order in a first country in the world are used. There are many things you have to be careful when traveling in Africa, and although it is not necessary to be paranoid to be cautious is very important to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

Here are three things you need to pay attention.

1 Medical information

Before any part of Africa, you should check that the pills to drink before you permission to travel. Malaria is a very real danger and current for the entire continent and if you are sure that the parts you need to make certain classes of prescription pills in advance of your trip stop on the road. This is crucial, so sure of the treatment of diseases that can be fatal. Can Second Personal Security

In Africa, local police and security did not know what it is elsewhere in the world. There are many problems with the tourists, who led for minor crimes and attacks even more serious. In most cities, you will be fine, but if you are off the beaten track in more rural areas, you must pay close attention, never walk alone – especially in desert areas. Always check with your local embassy of the current political climate of a region, you’re out, and make sure you avoid areas where there are conflicts.

3rd Insurance

When it comes to security at airports and hotels, then you’d be surprised at some of the stories. At some airports, and in some countries regularly RAID airport baggage and personal help themselves what they want. It is really important that you are adequately insured – especially for things like cameras, laptops and other valuables. It is also advisable to have travel documents with you at all times and try to contribute and do as little money as possible. . Keep valuable jewelry at home, because they only attract pickpockets

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