Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line Takes Cruising to a Whole New Level

Cruising has become a popular mode of travel in recent years, and with the rise in demand, there has also been an increase in cruising choices for the discriminating passenger. Gone are the days of scheduled vacations, where passengers ate, slept and partied according to the ship’s specifications. Today’s cruiser wants to vacation on his own terms, with dining, entertainment and accommodations tailor made just for him. Now you can find just this type of vacation with Norwegian Caribbean cruise line. Whether you are choosing a southern, eastern or western Caribbean cruise line, Norwegian will have just what you’re looking for.

What is Freestyle Cruising?
Norwegian Caribbean cruise line has introduced a whole new concept into the world of cruise vacations, and they call it “freestyle cruising”. With this type of vacation, Norwegian Caribbean cruise line promises passengers they can eat and play how and when they want to. There is no set schedule with this type of cruise; instead, restaurants and dining rooms are set up like regular restaurants. Guests can come in, get a table and feast to their hearts’ delight just like they can in a regular fine dining establishment – only without the inflated bill at the end!

Norwegian Caribbean cruise line applies its freestyle concept to all aspects of cruising. With the dining experience, guests are allowed to choose the time they eat, and they can select restaurants that suggest the dress code that is most comfortable. Passengers that like to stay casual throughout the cruise can find restaurants that will accommodate casual attire, while others who like to dress to the nines for dining can find the perfect spot to do so as well. The other advantage to freestyle dining is that your dinnertime can be flexible from day to day. If you want to grab a meal early on one night to make time for a show, you can. If your excursion runs late the next day, no problem. Norwegian Caribbean cruise line has you covered.

When it comes to accommodations, Norwegian Caribbean cruise line has flexibility as well. Passengers can choose from traditional state rooms, a variety of suites and even villas and owner’s suites. These specialty accommodations are located on a separate deck that comes complete with a private sundeck, pool, exercise area and dedicated butler. This is truly cruising at its finest, since Norwegian Caribbean cruise line takes great steps to ensure passengers are treated like royalty throughout the course of their vacation.

Eat early or eat late. Sleep in or rise with the sun. It’s all up to you when you are on the Norwegian Caribbean cruise line. With a broad choice of dining, accommodations and entertainment, there really is something for everyone on a Norwegian Caribbean cruise line vacation.

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